How do I begin?

Category Getting Started | Created by Kris Grint | Posted 05 Aug 2016

This document will take you through the initial steps to get your DelegateManager up and running.

To begin populating your DelegateManager with content the following steps must be taken:

1. Navigate to the Settings Page

In the landing page tab (the default tab you land on when you enter the settings page) change your site title to your desired name.

Choose whether you want to upload a landing page image and what layout you want to use for your signup form. (you can request a custom layout by contacting our admins).

Once this is done navigate to the email tab.

Set email address to the address that will send out the system emails such as confirmation.

Overwrite email label: This will display the email header as “From <Your choice> rather than the default company set at that time.

Calendar: In the settings you can choose whether to allows users to download a calendar file at the end of registration to add to their personal calendar.

2. The DM Creator

Before you can begin adding event groups and events you must first create a venue to assign your events to.

To do this, access the DM Creator from the navigation bar. Clicking on venues will allow you to add new venues, edit existing ones and remove them form your system.

Your next step is to add an event group and an event. You can do this by returning to the DM Creator and accessing the tab “Events”.

Events cannot exist without an event group and sessions cannot exist without an event. (sessions are optionally added to events once you have created one)

Now that your event and venue has been set up you can begin by adding your questions that will appear on your form.

Again, return to the DM Creator home page and select “Registration Questions.”

You can set the system questions to visible / required and add your new questions via the button at the bottom of the registration questions page by clicking “add new additional question”.

By default your Delegate Manager has an additional landing page that users will hit before coming to a form. You can edit the content or remove this by returning to the DM Creator in the navigation bar to the left and navigating to ‘Pages’. From here you can also add new pages as well as managing your existing ones.

3. Publish

Once you have input all your desired content into Delegate Manager you must set your site to published to allow for registration.

You can publish your event by returning to settings and going to the publish tab. From there you can click the publish checkbox and save your settings. This will open up your DelegateManager for sign ups.

We hope you found that helpful