Booking a new user to an event

Category Delegates | Created by Kris Grint | Posted 22 Aug 2016

To book a user to an event immediately after registering them, simply navigate to the bottom of the confirmation page.

Here there will be sections titled 'Events Attending' and 'Session Attending', showing no results. Click the button 'Book this user to an event'.

Booking items

This will take you to a creation form.

You can choose a specific event, for both registered or cancelled users, regardless of whether the user has already checked in to an event or not.

The user you’re adding will be auto-populated.

Guest of user can also be selected if the user has been requested to be invited by someone already registered on the system.

Finally, you can choose to send a confirmation email via the toggle button. If you don’t select this, the system will default to not sending the user an email when updating the user.

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