What are Non-Attendees?

Category Delegates | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 22 Aug 2016

So, you've sent your invite email out and your first response isn't quite the sell out you were hoping for. You need to reissue the invite: you'll want to remove all the booked delegates, but it'd be much easier if you could filter down your invite list even more. DelegateManager allows you to capture delegate info on those that know they cannot attend; these are our 'Non Attendees'.

The system captures the delegate’s name and email address by default, but you are able to customise what is captured, including additional items like company name and a reason for not attending.

Tip:for a higher percentage of responses, include the 'can't attend' link to DelegateManager in your email. This will give you better metrics for your post-event analysis.

What if the delegate decided they could come after all?

Not an issue – Non Attendees aren't tied into the system, so even if a delegate has informed you they can't attend, they can change their mind and sign up regardless.

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