How to export Attendees?

Category Exporting Data | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 23 Aug 2016

To download a list of your event attendees, navigate to the ‘Export Data’ tab on the navigation bar located to the left of the screen.

Once you have clicked on this button and navigated to the page, you will be presented with a text area titled “Export data”.

To access the area and download your attendees, click on either the “Event Attendees” or “Session Attendees” buttons.

Exporting Options

Once you have chosen either Event or Session Attendees you will land on an export page with multiple options and a table displaying your data.

You have the choice to display your attendees based on all events or sessions or split them up via specific events / sessions.

Clicking on one of these buttons will immediately begin to download a spreadsheet, which can be found in your chosen file location or your downloads folder. Please note, depending on the size of data downloading, this could take several seconds.

All documents downloaded are password protected, you can find the password on screen (please refer to the image above). This is to secure transit of data from DelegateManager to your computer.

Other Data available for download;

  • Session Attendees - If your event has specific sessions your asking delegates to register for separately, you can download these individually
  • Non Attendees - All delegates who have told you they cannot attend
  • Incomplete Bookings - delegates who have started registration but not booked onto an event
  • Users - everyone registered on the system, includes all admin users and incomplete bookings

We hope you found that helpful