Updating my information

Category Getting Started | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 05 Aug 2016

You're probably used to systems that instruct you to change and update your personal details once you've logged in. This is a pretty standard security feature, however, DelegateManager works a little differently. As an admin user, you'll be given access details that you'll be able to use throughout your DelegateManager experience (this includes all Instances you’re involved with).

If you're a customer with our premium license account, you will have access to our system admin platform. If you'd like to change your access details, log into our system admin platform, toggle the dropdown button in the sidebar and update your details here. Please note, however, that this will not change your details on pre-existing DelegateManager systems, only newly created systems. Of you'd like your access details changed system-wide, please contact our support team.

As a standard admin user, if you'd like to change your password, please contact our support team.

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