How do I add team members as admin users?

Category FAQs | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 23 Aug 2016

If you require a user to be added to the system as an admin member, you can easily add them into the system by just adding a delegate via the admin panel. There’s no need to book them onto an event/session, so it's easier to do this in the admin area.

Simply navigate to the 'Delegates' tab, then click the '+' to add the user. You'll want to create a password for this user, as this method will not email out a password upon creation. Make sure you keep a note of the password to pass onto your colleague.

Once this is done, you'll need to contact our support team to adjust this user’s privileges, as you will not have access to do this yourself. Once we've amended the user privileges, they will then have access to the admin area for that instance.

We hope you found that helpful