How to use on site registration

Category On-Site Registration | Check-In App | Created by Kris Grint | Posted 23 Aug 2016

The on-site registration area allows you to manage your attendees for every event you have.

You can filter the results of everyone signed up to your event by session, whether they are registered, checked in or cancelled. This also extends to sessions within the event, if they are applicable in your instance.

The system also shows you how many guests your attendee will be bringing along with them. This is added to the total capacity of the event automatically. You can view the details of these guests by clicking the small eye icon.

By clicking or tapping underneath the column ‘Check-in’ you can mark whether your attendee has arrived at the event and signed in successfully.

You can see how many attendees have checked in by the counter below the ‘Ready to Use’ message. You can refresh this counter by clicking the button to the right.

You can also use our Scan Check-In feature, which requires set up before you begin registration for your event.

To find out more about Scan Check-In, read the ‘How to use Scan Check-In’ article.


You can define all attendees into Groups (these, by default, are colours: red, blue, green, yellow). To create and add delegates to groups, read the ‘Add delegates to groups for Check In’ article.

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