How do I embedding DelegateManager into my website?

Category FAQs | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 23 Jan 2017

We understand that sometimes you don't want to direct users away from your dotcom, or that you may have a website already set up for your event.

We're currently working on creating an embed code, that will allow you to copy and paste a snippet onto your web page and load the user front end of DelegateManager into our website - asynchronously (that means it loads at the same time as your web browser so there is no delay).

However, this is still in development, so we appreciate you may need a solution now. DelegateManager, as with any website, can be loaded into an iFrame. However, our support team can output the front-end user interface without content that is not needed. For example, event branding and additional theme branding might be irrelevant within an already branded website.

If you'd like to discuss improving your DelegateManager theme by embedding it into other sites, please contact our support team for more information.

Also, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about any of our new features, including when our Async Embedding code will be available.

We hope you found that helpful