How do I test the user journey?

Category Getting Started | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 05 Aug 2016

Once the instance set-up is complete, we always advise you go through the delegate journey yourself to make sure you're happy with all the functionality.

First, log-out of the admin area – this cannot be achieved when you’re logged into DelegateManager.

If the system is still unpublished, don't worry, you can still test the user journey. Status unpublished simply means the website automatically redirects to log in. You can bypass this by changing your URL.

For example, if your Instance is 'myevent', your URL will be

In unpublished mode, your site will default to

Remove '/site/login', and replace with '/user/create', like so;

We recommend you then go through the sign-up process and book yourself onto the event. This should be continued through to testing calendar links and receiving auto-confirmation emails.

Note: You will get an error message during sign-up if you attempt to sign-up with the same email address your admin user is associated with. One of our security protocols is to not allow the same email record to be added twice, and as an admin user, you’re already technically in the list. So we advise you use a secondary email address. If you don't have one, you can use a dummy email account like '', however, you won't receive any confirmation.

This testing phase gives you the opportunity to change/amend any settings yourself via the admin area. If you’re not sure how to change an item and can't find any advice here in the help centre, contact our support team to have the change made.

Once you are happy with the test, you'll want to delete any test bookings; log back into the admin area, navigate to delegates, view your test delegates and delete delegate – this will not only delete the delegate entry, but also any bookings associated with that delegate.

We hope you found that helpful