Why do I get error messages?

Category FAQs | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 26 Jan 2017

It is really important that our team identify any issues that users may have, so we can fix them immediately for you.

There are two levels of error pages; firstly, delegates can see error messages (this happens very seldom) if there is an issue with a specific item of functionality and this will appear within the defined theme of the system. Secondly, admin dashboard users view error messages slightly different as they are branded to DelegateManger. These error messages usually relate to either lack of permissions or the functionality not performing as expected.

Example of an Error Message

If this error message appears; “401 Unauthorised Access”, this most likely means your admin account is set to ‘Limited Access Admin’, where you can view but not create content on DelegateManager. If this is the case, please contact our support team and we would be happy to help and amend your permissions.

Note: If error messages keep appearing, please contact our support team who can help with this and please specify the error message you are having problems with.

We hope you found that helpful