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Email campaigns in DelegateManager can be one of four types; invitations, chasers, pre-event, and post-event. The type of campaign you choose depends on your objectives.

Email Campaign Types Available

Invitations are used to inform a list of delegates about your event, including any details you want and a link to your event registration page. A list of email addresses can be added by uploading a CSV file, or can be added individually.

Chasers are based upon an existing invitation campaign. DelegateManager automatically filters your list of invitees, removing the email addresses of those who signed up to your event (or informed the system that they could not attend), to create a new list of those who have not yet replied. These recipients are then sent a second invitation email, including a link to DelegateManager so that they can register.

Pre-event or 'warm-up' campaigns are sent to all delegates who have registered for your event. They are especially useful for informing delegates about last-minute announcements, reminders on start/registration times or circulating a link to a PDF of the event's agenda.

Post-event or 'follow-up' campaigns are sent to all delegates who were checked-in to your event (Please see our Check-In app for more information on how easy it can be to record attendance). They can be used to send a personalised thank you message, or to ask delegates to complete an online survey about your event.

DelegateManager provides a high level of customisation to the look and feel of your email, from colours and images to text and links. A default company template can be provided to maintain your branding across the emails you send through DelegateManager.

Email Campaign Process

The above illustration displays the steps involved in creating an email campaign, these are; selecting an email type, associating it with an event, defining the recipients, creating email content, reviewing the content, confirming campaign details and previewing/sending campaigns.

As illustrated, following your choice of email type, the second step is to populate your recipients list (this is either done by uploading a CSV file, adding individual recipients, or as explained above - DelegateManager will automate this for you). Next you design your email by inputting all the content that's required and styling it to best suit your event. Once this is done, you can send a preview of this before you complete your campaign and send the email.

Once your campaign has been sent, DelegateManager provides detailed analytics about its success, such as how many recipients of your email have registered to attend your event. You can also find out which recipients opened your email and what links they clicked on, as well as which recipients did not receive your email ('bounces') and for what reason this occurred. All of this data is also downloadable as a CSV file.

Note: If you're specific system is a long-term service or just slightly older, you may view a page when visiting the Email tab that references 'Now available'. If this is the case, please contact our support team so we can update your system.

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