How do I publish my DelegateManager?

Category Getting Started | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 05 Aug 2016

Once a new system is created via our system admin platform, your instance of DelegateManager will be set to 'unpublished'

What does 'unpublished' mean?

When an instance of DelegateManager is unpublished, the website defaults to a log-in screen and remains in the state until its status is changed. This eliminates any unwanted sign-ups during the build and sign-off process.

How do I publish my DelegateManager?

Publishing is really easy; when you’re logged into admin, simply click the red 'System Unpublished' alert located in the sidebar, which will take you to 'Settings'. Navigate to the tab 'publish', check the checkbox to publish and click the button 'Save Settings'. Please note, if you do not click the save settings button located at the very bottom on your settings panel, no changes will be saved.

Your alert in your sidebar will now turn green and read 'System Published', and your DelegateManager is now able to receive sign-ups.

Can I test while the instance is still unpublished?

Yes, status unpublished simply means the website automatically redirects to log in. You can bypass this by changing your URL.

For example, if your Instance is 'myevent', your URL will be

In unpublished mode, your site will default to

Remove '/site/login', and replace with '/user/create', like so;

This will enable you to start the user journey.

We hope you found that helpful