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Category DM Creator | Created by Kyriakos Zinonos | Posted 21 Jul 2017

What is DelegateManager Creator

DelegateManager Creator is your hub for creating your system from the ground up.

You can access DelegateManager creator by logging on to the system using your credentials and selecting "DM Creator" from the navigation bar on the left.

From here you can create new events, add sessions, venues, and custom questions to the registration process. Additionally, DelegateManager Creator allows you to create custom pages that can feature any extra content you want your audience to see.

DM Creator

Priced Events

To create a Priced Event follow the same process recommended in the Create Event Group and an Event. When you get to the 'Tickets and Capacity' section fill in the price of your ticket per event and choose the payment method you would prefer for your delegates. Leaving this field empty will make your event free of charge by default.

You can choose between accepting payments from Paypal or just regular Debit/Credit card. You can also allow delegates the option to choose which payment method they would prefer by selecting the 'Default' option.

Create Priced Event

DelegateManager does not take a percentage of the ticket cost per sale, however, as an industry standard our payment gateway providers do. These costs are outlined below;

  • Stripe Checkout deducts 1.4% + 20p for European and 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards in every transaction.
  • PayPal deducts 3.4% + 20p per transaction

Please factor in these costs per ticket when assessing your event pricing structure.

We hope you found that helpful