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What is DelegateManager Creator

The DelegateManager creator is your hub for creating your system from the ground up.

You can access DelegateManager creator by logging on to the system using your credentials and selecting "DM Creator" from the navigation bar on the left.

From here you can create new events, add sessions, venues, and custom questions to the registration process. Additionally, DelegateManager Creator allows you to create custom pages that can feature any extra content you want your audience to see.

DM Creator

Event Questions

Event questions are additional questions that the delegate will be asked during the registration process. These are questions that are specific to an individual event. For example, if your system had 'Day One' and 'Day Two' events, in which delegates could sign-up for each individually, 'Day One' might include accommodation questions that may not be applicable to the 'Day Two' event – this is where you would use Event Questions.

Adding Event Questions to your event is really simple, and if you've already set up Registration Questions you'll already be familiar with the process. After setting up your event, you'll be taken to the event page which summarises all the information you have inputted during the event creation process. You'll see there are two sections below the event, Session and Event Questions. Simply click 'Add Question'.

Event Questions

For more information about adding a session to your event, this article is for you.

This will redirect you to the form page in which you can type your question, select the input type (text, checkbox, radio button etc.) and specify if the field will be required during registration.

Note: Do not include a ‘.’ in the question you want to ask as this will cause an error with the question. Our system will remove and '.' it finds in your question.

If your input type is either Select, Radio, Checkbox etc., then the options field will appear for you to add the selecting options for that question. To do so fill in the text box and click the + icon to add the option. Simple as that!

At this current time, Event Questions do not support pagination or sort ordering, though this is something we will roll out in future updates.

Handling Delegate's Event Questions

Once a delegate has registered, you'll see in their details all Additional Registration Questions and Event Questions are listed under their delegate details. Where Additional Registration Questions are editable via the 'Update User' tab, Event Questions are handled separately. Each question the delegate answers (or chooses not to answer), is editable individually – simply click the update (pen) icon.

Note: Event Questions are parented to the Event itself, so if a delegate changes their booking, this will remove their event questions as well.

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