How do I get the link to include in my invite?

Category Getting Started | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 05 Aug 2016

Once logged into admin, simply navigate to the dashboard and the welcome screen displays the URL you can apply to your invite email.

The URL will always be The system will, by default, redirect to https, which is an authorised SSL certificate (this means any data that's inputted on the webpage is encrypted from page to server). If the system is published, the default landing page is the delegate sign-up registration page, and the system will automatically go to this page.

You can create a page to supersede the sign-up page and the system will automatically handle this.

To find out how to do this, read the 'Creating Pages' article.

Don't forget, you can also add a link in your invites to capture delegates who can't attend, simply add '/nonAttendees/create' to the URL, i.e.


To find out more about Non Attendees, read the 'What are Non Attendees' article.

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