Creating an Event Group and an Event

Category DM Creator | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 18 Aug 2016

What is DelegateManager Creator

The DelegateManager creator is your hub for creating your system from the ground up.

You can access DelegateManager creator by logging on to the system using your credentials and selecting "DM Creator" from the navigation bar on the left.

From here you can create new events and sessions, add venues, add custom questions to the registration process and custom pages that you can fill with your own content.

DM Creator

Event Groups and Events

During registration, if only one event available, the delegate will be taken directly to the confirmation page upon registration. However, if more events are available, the delegate will be given the choice to attend either of the events upon beginning the registration process.

An Event Group is a group that contains the events you would like the delegate to attend, i.e. an Event Group called 'London Events' could contain the events 'Day One' and 'Day Two', whereas a second Event Group, 'Manchester Events', could also contain the events 'Day One' and 'Day Two'. Once a delegate has selected either the London or Manchester Event Group, they can then select an event (Day One, or Day Two) for which they'd like to attend.

Sign-Up Process

There are more options available, including Event Questions, Sessions and Payment Options, however, we'll focus on Events and Event Groups just now.

Setting up an Event Group

To begin setting up an Event Group navigate to the Dashboards 'DM Creator' from the left-hand navigation. When clicking 'Events', your first page displays your Event Groups. These groups contain your specific events. Click the plus (+) icon at the right top corner to add a new Event Group.

Event Group View

To create an Event Group the only required information to keep in mind is the 'Sales Period'. The 'Sales Period' defines when the Event Group (and subsequently, it's Events) will be displayed to delegates upon registering, and for how long it will remain available. Giving you full control over when delegates can register.

Tip: If you have multiple Event Groups, this information is traditionally displayed to the user as a table of information. This table is ordered by sales periods – not when the event is, so if your events are showing up out of order, reorganise your sales periods for each event.
Note: Even if you are running a single event, it is required that it be contained within an Event Group.

Setting up an Event

Once you've created your group, you can then select it to view a table of information showing all the events you have added and an option to add additional events. This table outlines, for each event; the number of sessions, the event capacity, how many delegates have cancelled and the number of guests coming to the event.

Note: Capacity count includes the event attendees signed up to each event and, if applicable to your event, the guests they are bringing along.

Creating an event again is straightforward, however, if you need them, here are a couple of tips to help;


There are a number of date options available to input, they include the date and time of the specific event (This will be shown to the delegate), the sale period (this takes the Event Groups sales period by default, but is changeable within itself), and registration period for the day of the event (this field can be blank, and if so, no mention of registration will occur to the delegate).


The capacity of an Event can refer to the available space of the venue. This information can be changed at any time during registration, so if your numbers are looking good, you can always add more. Furthermore, If the system you are using contains multiple User Types you can assign capacities for each user type. For example; if you're venue takes 100 delegates, you can assign capacity of 50 to your standard delegates, 25 to your stakeholders, and 25 to staff.

Percentage to Limit

By default, when your booking count meets 90%, the system will automatically trigger the event label to show delegates still to register that there are a limited amount of tickets remaining. This percentage can be changed within the 'Overwrite Booking Status' section under General Settings. This label can also pull the number of available spaces left, i.e. 'Only 16 spaces available'.

We hope you found that helpful