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Category DM Creator | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 18 Aug 2016

What is DelegateManager Creator

The DelegateManager creator is your hub for creating your system from the ground up.

You can access DelegateManager creator by logging on to the system using your credentials and selecting "DM Creator" from the navigation bar on the left.

From here you can create new events and sessions, add venues, add custom questions to the registration process and custom pages that you can fill with your own content.

DM Creator

Registration Questions

Registration questions are the fields that the delegate will have to fill out during the registration process.

This page includes all the core form questions that can be asked and an additional button to add your own custom questions that are unique to your event.

A username will always be submitted with the form; if this is hidden in the managed registration questions then the users email address will be used as the username.

Note: Email Address, Forename & Surname are required questions that cannot be changed.

Core View

Additional Questions

You can add your own custom questions to complement our set of core questions; these are asked after the core questions in the order you insert them. To add additional questions access DelegateManager Creator and click on 'Registration Questions' field. From there click the + icon at the top side of the page or scroll down the page and press 'Add Additional Question'.

If you have multiple user types then make sure you select the appropriate one from the dropdown list.

This will redirect you to the form page in which you can type the name of your question, select the input type (text, checkbox, radio button etc) and specify if the field will be required during registration.

You can also choose a question as hidden which will not be available for the delegates while registration but will be accessible for the admin user to add any information needed.

Note: Do not include a ‘.’ in the question you want to ask as this will cause an error with the question.

Add Addition Question

If your input type is either Select, Radio, Checkbox etc, then the options field will appear for you to add the selecting options for that question. To do so fill in the text box and click the + icon to add the option.

Select Options

Question Pagination

When you are done with adding your questions you can visit the 'Manage Additional Questions' button to arrange the order and pagination of your additional questions.

Simply drag and drop any question. This will change the order in which the questions will be viewed by the user at registration process.

Another addition to the questions is the ability to create a 'Page Separator'. This will separate groups of questions during registration process. You can also create headings with Page Separator to help you and the delegates categorise additional questions in groups. This can be achieved by simply replacing the text between the two hyphens "--- page separator ---".

Additional Questions Pagination

We hope you found that helpful