Booking an existing user to an event

Category Delegates | Created by Kris Grint | Posted 22 Aug 2016

To book a registered user to an event, click on the navigation bar item “Delegates” and click on the existing user you want to book to an event.

This will take you to the user's specific page. Scroll down until you see sections titled 'Events Attending' and 'Session Attending', showing no results. Click the button 'Book this user to an event'.

Booking items

You can choose a specific event, whether the user is a registered or cancelled user, whether the user has already checked in to an event or not.

To search through users, you can begin typing inside the drop down menu and select the user you want to add to the event.

Guest of user can also be selected if the user has been requested to be invited by someone else already registered on the system.

Finally you can send a confirmation email via the toggle button. This will default to not sending the user an email.

Resending a confirmation email to an attendee

Send a confirmation email address

If a user has signed up to an event but not received a confirmation email one of two things must be investigated:

  1. Make sure the user has signed up to an event and not just registered on the DelegateManager system. This can be checked by viewing the user and looking at the events attending table at the bottom of the profile and if it is empty, you can book this user to an event.
  2. Update the booking to send an email. You can do this by accessing the on-site registration tab on the navigation bar to the left. Either click on the specific row or on the eye icon which will allow you to view the users booking.

    If you look to the right sidebar, you will see "manage booking". This will allow you to access the form to see the users event booking details and will have a toggle button at the bottom saying "send email confirmation". If you toggle this to 'On', and hit save the email will be sent to that users email address.

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