Talk to your delegates with Announcements

Category Other | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 23 Jan 2017

Announcements are a great way to keep your delegates up-to-date with any changes to your event and they're really easy to use.

Simple short messages that appear on the landing/sign-up page are the easiest ways to keep your delegate up-to-date with the ever-changing line up of your event.

Only one announcement appears at a time and all new announcements replace existing ones.

Note: Do you want to share some information that only booked delegates can see? We understand that some announcements about your event can be sensitive. So, we’ve made a toggle that can turn on/off privacy settings on each announcement.

The announcement feature is a set style, if you wish to change the style, and/or positioning of the announcement, please contact our support team to organise this.

We hope you found that helpful