Add delegates to groups for Check-In

Category On-Site Registration | Check-In App | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 26 Jan 2017

Groups are pre-defined cohorts on users that make on-site registration run smoothly. Whether you’re using colour groups or something more thematic, DelegateManager can help you to organise your delegates into the appropriate sections.

In the Event Attendee group page, you can create the different groups you require. When you have all your groups created, you can then assign your delegates to the appropriate sections. Once the data is populated, you will be able to see a total of all delegates in each group. To do this, all you need to do is simply click the ‘+’ icon to create your group(s).

Note: We would recommend closing your registration a day or two before the event day, to allow time to collate all the delegate information before the event starts.

You can add an individual booking to a group. The admin user has access to the system to create specific groups. In order to assign an individual to a group/or groups you’ve created. All you need to do is simply edit the booking details, by clicking the drop down list and selecting the group you would like to add the delegate to, and save. Furthermore, you can use this feature to amend the delegate groups, or if you were adding additional delegates after booking has ended.

We understand that you may not want to go through hundreds of bookings individually when grouping your delegates. If you require support with this, our team can assign and group mass delegates for you or/and provide you with a list of delegates to assign.

They will then upload this to the system. If required, our support team can assign these for you if you require the groupings to be random.

We hope you found that helpful