How reliable is DelegateManager?

Category FAQs | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 20 Jul 2017

DelegateManager, just like any website or web application, it is susceptible to service outage. These are kept to a minimum; to date our status level during a 7-day period has never been lower than 98%.

You can check our 'uptime' service status at any time by visiting;

This is hosted on a third party service, so even in the unlikely case our service was to suffer an outage, our status monitor remains visible.

The following systems are consistently monitored:

  • DelegateManager platform
  • The Admin Control Panel (available for premium license holders only)
  • The DelegateManager API v1
  • The DelegateManager API v2

Our development platform is also monitored in the same way, assuring any changes made do not affect the live systems.

Planned updates to our platform happen on a regular basis and rarely effect the performance of it. However, in the unlikely event that an update does affect system performance, customers will be notified in advance. Furthermore, any changes such as those aforementioned will be carried out during low-impact hours to assure minimal causation. Follow us on twitter to keep up to date with our system status and updates.

We hope you found that helpful