Step-by-step guide to setting up your first email campaign

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DelegateManager's email campaign feature comprises of several steps, but a high degree of automation makes the creation and delivery of your email campaign as simple and straightforward as possible. Technical support is also available for any queries you might have, both online and over the phone.

Email Campaign Process

Step 1 – Email type

The first step is to choose which type of email campaign you want to create, either an invite, a chaser, a pre-event, or a post-event. More information regarding these email types can be found within the Overview of the campaign process article.

Step 2 – Associate with event

The next step is to associate your email campaign with an event, so ensure that all these details (such as title, venue, date, and time) have been completed prior to getting started. If only one event exists in your DelegateManager, your campaign will automatically be associated with it. If not, choose your event from the list of events.

Note: It is not currently possible within the system to send an invite detailing multiple events. If this a requirement, please contact our support team who can create this on your behalf - though unfortunately campaign analytics will only be available on request and not on the system.

Step 3 – Recipients

We now need to select which email addresses our campaign will be delivered to. For chasers, pre-event, and post-event emails, the list of recipients is automatically generated by DelegateManager, but you can always edit this list by manually adding or removing addresses from it. For invitations, you will need to provide a list of recipients. This is typically done by importing them from a CSV file or pasting in a list from a document or spreadsheet. You must provide both a name and an email address for each person you wish to add to the list. Separate each field with a comma, and start each entry on a new line.

Step 4 – Create email content

When you are happy with your list, the next step is to build your email. To save time, DelegateManager can automatically generate your email or select a prepared theme, however, you can also choose to build your email from scratch. The look and content of your email is customisable, from colours and images to text and links (however, at this time, the physical layout is not). A default company template can be provided to maintain your branding across all emails you send through DelegateManager.

Step 5 – Review content

After creating your email, you will be presented with a preview. It is good practice at this stage to scroll through your email to check the accuracy of text and links, although you will be able to send a full preview to yourself in the last step. If you want to change any aspect of the email, press 'Edit email' to be taken to the previous step.

Step 6 – Campaign Details

The penultimate step involves checking a few details about your campaign, such as who the email should be addressed from. These details are automatically generated, so just check them to ensure accuracy and press 'Complete campaign'.

Step 7 – Preview / Send Campaign

You are ready to send your campaign! We recommend sending yourself a test preview first to ensure everything looks exactly as intended and displays correctly in your email client. Enter your email address into the preview box and press 'Send preview'. You will be sent a preview email which is addressed, in name only, to a randomly selected delegate from your list (please allow up to two minutes for the email to arrive). This will allow you to ensure any personalisation, such as the use of a recipient's name, works correctly.

Note: your subject line will be appended with '- preview', but this will not exist when you actually send your campaign.

Email Campaign Process

If you are happy with the email preview, press 'Send campaign' and then click OK in the pop-up box to finish. Your campaign will be delivered immediately and you will be redirected to a page displaying analytics about your campaign.

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