Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation

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DelegateManager can now issue CPD certificates to post-event attendees. You can set up an email campaign for this by clicking 'certificates' from the 'Email Campaigns' page, then following the same process for creating an email campaign. To find out how to do this, read our Step-by-step guide to setting up your first email campaign.

Example of a CPD Certifcate


The PDF certificate itself is designed and created by our DelegateManager technical team. The certificate is completely customisable, if you would like any changes to your certificate, please contact our support team. Above is an example of one of our certificates.

Note: Only one certificate design and layout can exist per system. Each certificate contains dynamic data about the delegate.

Recipients list

Once you've chosen the event you wish to follow-up on, the recipient list will be compiled based on delegates checked-in to this event. Please make sure this list is correct and up-to-date prior to creating this campaign.


The Certificate will be automatically generated and included in the email as a link from which the Certificate can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF. The PDF will contain the delegates name, and the length of time the course/event lasted in order to comply with CPD training.

Tip: You can enable 'auto-download' in settings, this allows the PDF to automatically download from your browser rather than its default of opening in the browser.

Post send Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

Once your campaign has been sent, DelegateManager provides detailed analytics about its success, such as; how many recipients of your email campaign have downloaded their certificates. All of this data is also downloadable as a CSV file. Unlike the other email campaign reports, Certificates allow you to resend again to individuals, if for example; there was an issue with the delegates receiving the email.

Our system can identify it a delegate was sent the campaign, if not, has subsequently been resent the campaign, and also if they have downloaded the certificate.

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