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You can download the DelegateManager Check-In app on either Android or iOS. To find it in the store simply search "DelegateManager Check-In" and you should see one result with our logo next to it. Alternatively, click the icons below;

Download on the App Store Download on the App Store
Note: iOS app requires a minimum operating system of iOS 10. Once installed and launched you will see a screen like the image below.
alt text

Here you can input the title of the DelegateManager instance and the authorisation code which can be found by clicking App on the sidebar when logged into dashboard.

Once your login has been authenticated the application will begin to download all current data for the event(s) so that it can later be launched without an internet connection.

Note: Data will not automatically update, so it's best to do this once registration has closed or you should make sure to reload data before the event, you can do so by launching the application and selecting settings and then selecting Reload Data, this will wipe all data stored on the device and download the latest data from DelegateManager.

How to reload data

The sync option is to ensure all records after and event have been uploaded to the server, in the case of poor internet connectivity, changes made in the application may not have synced, so selecting sync here will check to make sure all data has successfully synced back to DelegateManager and inform you if there's any problems.

There is also a logout option located here, once the event registration is completed and data is synced you should ensure the application is signed out so that data integrity is not compromised.

The first page displayed after data download is a listing of event groups for your event. Selecting and event group brings you to its associated events.

Check-in delegates with one simple click

Check-in is as easy as one simple click. If you have (even a basic) internet connection, this will sync back to the DelegateManager system.

Filtering options are available, for example selecting hide attended will remove attendees checked in to reduce the list needed to look through to find delegates that are arriving. Delegates will not disappear as soon as their attendance is toggled in the case an error is made or more information is needed about the delegate, to update the filtered view either select along the alphabet filter on the left hand side or click the refresh button on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

Errors in syncing data

If data changes on a device for an event are not synced to the server the refresh button will appear like above in red with a cross in the centre to indicate this.

If a data connection is available selecting this button will sync up changes to the server and download the latest data for the event displayed on screen.

swipe left for more info

Tip: Swiping left on a delegate will show a More button, selecting this will display all collected information on the delegate during registration such as questions answered during sign up.

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