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There are several settings available within DelegateManager that either turn features on/off or edits content. These are system wide changes and not specific to a user or event.

DelegateManager Settings

General – Site Title
The name of your registration system - when your system is first created this will be pre-populated for you, but you can alter it at any time.

General – Force Close Registration Sign Up
This stops any delegates from signing up to an event by completely removing the registration form. However, please note that if delegates are receiving access details, this force close will not automatically stop delegates changing or cancelling their registration.

General – Add Event Image
Commonly used for event specific branding, you can upload an image to the landing page of your event registration - it can be whatever you want.

Your image should be 1000px x 300px. Please adhere to the limitations specified in the settings page for best results.

Email – Add image to email template
An image can also be added to all automated email templates. This image should be 580px x 180px to avoid any viewing issues.

General – Image Position
This alters the placement of the image you have added. There are currently two options available for altering the position of your image; If you would like more options, please contact our support team.

General – System description
Your chance to say whatever you'd like to say to entice delegates to attend your event.

Analytics – Google Analytics & Tag Manager
We have two options available for integrating Google Analytics into the delegate experience. Firstly, you can add your GA (Google Analytics) code for standard Analytics integration or implement Google Tag Manager.

Note: Enabling any analytics tracking will enable an implicit cookie script required as part of EU legislation.

If you require analytics not provided by Google, please contact our support team to have this implemented.

Tip: When adding your code for Tag Manager, please do not include the javascript opening & closing tags i.e. <script> </script>

Roles – Downloadable Data: Password Protection
Change the password that all downloadable data files are encrypted with. The password will only be prefixed with 'dmdata'.

Email – Overwrite Email from label
When an email is received, the 'from' can be changed to display a name / company name rather than an email address. This will allow such a name to be displayed.

Email – Send Access Details on Sign-up
Allow delegates to log back into the system again by sending them an 'Access details' email at the beginning of their registration. This is disabled by default.

Note: This should only be enabled at the start of a new instance, not during any registration period.

Email – iOS Wallet
Allow a button to be added to the confirmation email that enables an iPhone Wallet ticket. This ticket will either be DelegateManager or client branded, depending on your license level.

Calendar – Enable 'Add to Calendar' & Options
Allows delegates to add the event they book onto as a calendar diary entry. Calendar downloads are made available on the confirmation page and in the confirmation email. There are several options available which alter the calendar entry from it's default state.

Note: Calendar items are not synced back to a central server, so if a delegate rebooks to a different event, their calendar entry will not update.

Publish is initially disabled so that no delegates can sign-up to your event while you are still building. When disabled it simply redirects users to a log-in page. When enabled delegates can view and begin registration. Prior to enabling it, you will be reminded of the various functions and features yet to be complied with.

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