What are Incomplete bookings?

Category Delegates | Created by Graham Stewart | Posted 26 Jul 2017

Depending on the complexity of your event, you might find delegates complete the first page of registration but don't continue any further. It may be that they believe they are signed up, realise they don't have time etc. At this point, they may have already created a delegate on the system, but haven't answered all the questions, or chosen which event they'd like to attend.

Incomplete bookings are defined as a delegate that exists in the system that have not booked to attend a specific event.

We take several precautions to try and stop delegates leaving before registration, such as; showing warnings when they try to close the window, specific wording on buttons, transparency over the process and steps involved. However, we can't stop a delegate from just leaving.

To find all the incomplete bookings, visit Delegates in the navigation tab, then click the button labelled 'Incomplete Bookings'. This will produce a list of all the incomplete bookings in the system. This list can be downloaded from the system. It's advised you contact these individuals to confirm they still wish to continue with registration and book on.

To continue the booking

If you've contacted the delegate and they wish to continue the registration process, you can just complete their booking for them in dashboard and generate their confirmation email. Find out how to complete their booking.

If you want the delegate to complete their own bookings, you have two options;

  1. Delete the delegate's record so they can just sign-up again.
  2. Send the delegate their account details, so they can log into their account. To do this, update the delegates record, input a new password, and toggle the button 'Send Access Email', then save. This will send the delegate their username and password.

We hope you found that helpful